What’s the BEST way to sell old PC Parts? – Probing Paul #14

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What is the BEST solution to promote outdated PC Components? – Probing Paul #14
1. 0:41 What do you have to do with outdated PC components? What’s one of the simplest ways to go about promoting them?
2. 2:17 What’s your opinion on Ryzen gaming efficiency?
3. 3:54 1060 3GB or RX470 for gaming with excessive/very excessive settings?
4. 4:56 Ought to I promote my 1080 SC for round $450-$500 and put that cash in the direction of a GTX 1080Ti buy?
5. 6:12 Is there a solution to duplicate my 250gb ssd onto a partition on my 2tb hdd as a backup?
6. 8:14 Is {that a} Tamron 90mm f/2.Eight macro lens sitting there?
7. 9:05 What do you do together with your accomplished month-to-month builds once you’re completed benchmarking?
8. 10:30 I’ve a PCI Categorical 2 motherboard and trying to get a brand new GFX Card, will a PCI Categorical Three card work?
9. 11:50 Which means does your rest room paper roll? Inwards or outwards?

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