Showreel: Martin M-PC Light-Mixingdesk Live Software program for MusikZentrum hannover

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It is a brief showreel which demonstrates a few of the foremost options of my mild programming for the Martin M-PC (M-Sequence) mild mixing desk, which can be used on the 25.2.2017 on the Musikzentrum Hannover.

It exhibits solely the shifting head and washer programming. The controlling for the standard lights can be performed by one other mixing desk.

This M-PC programming is specialised for dwell mild mixing. It provides the chance to mix a number of features of recent mild techniques to a last mild impression and motion. On this programming 6 shifting heads and eight washers are used. Typically collectively, typically sperated from one another.

This showreel exhibits not all features which were programmed. Come to the live performance to see all in the true life 🙂


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