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Janardhan Jakhar lives in his personal world, encompassed with music and goals of mesmerizing the world together with his voice. Midst unsuccessful auditions, and thwarted makes an attempt in creating music, this Delhi boy imbibes a priceless piece of recommendation from his mentor good friend — nice music is borne from nice ache. He who hasn’t skilled the ache of heartbreak shall not know the depth and depth of elegant music.
Janardhan now units out to seek out the ache that may make his life and music transcend the realm of the bizarre. He proposes to Heer, the beautiful magnificence from the faculty. Quiet and subdued, Heer has a nicely of emotion hidden inside, a ocean of unfettered vitality ready to exude. The story of Janardhan and Heer begins off as one in all laughter and mirth, however with each passing day, this turns into extra intense, extra passionate and extra weak.
Heer and Janardhan get separated, as she will get married off to Prague. Janardhan’s ache of separation interprets into phrases and music, transcending the center and the soul. Janardhan turns into Jordan, as he relentlessly pursues his love, directly pining away and accepting the absence of Heer in his life. On the finish, as he spirals down the highway of fame and fortune in his skilled life, Jordan realizes that his and Heer’s story exists past the worldly, in his creativeness, the place the music is pure and the one drug wanted is real love.


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