PUBG Mobile How to Stop Lagging/OverHeating!

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PUBG Cellular Does lag so much however finest methods to not lag in PUBG Cellular are talked about in such… AGAIN The Fan IPhone/Android Case will be discovered on Amazon which lets you lag much less on PUBG Cellular and different video games… simply search “IPhone Fan Case” it’s simply $20!!!

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Editor: Inshot, iMovie, Adobe
Display Recorder: IOS 11 Display Rec.
Machine: iPhone 7
Recreation: PUBG Cellular
PUBG Ingame title: NotIbe

**PUBGM Settings**
Crosshair: Inexperienced
AA and HealingP.: Enabled
Gyroscope: Disabled
Graphics: Low with excessive FPS
Peek & fireplace: Disabled

**PUBGM Sensitivity**
Noscope: 94%
Purple Dot: 46%
2x: 38%

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