Plugging a Mackie Mixer Into an iMac

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An in depth video on how I exploit an outdated analog Mackie mixer with my mid-2011 iMac to document audio. On this instance I exploit the ALT 3/Four bus because the audio enter to the iMac. This setup permits me to observe the audio I am recording together with the audio output from the pc with none nasty suggestions.

– mid-2011 27″ iMac
– Mackie 1202 vlz professional
– Positive SM58 microphone
– Blue Bluebird condenser microphone
– 3.5mm stereo male to twin 1/4″ mono male cable
– 3.5mm stereo male to twin phono cable

NOTE: Newer iMac’s have a single Tip-Ring-Ring-Sleeve jack (TRRS). Here’s a cable that can assist each audio-in and audio-out for a single jack:

Here’s a video on hook as much as a more moderen Apple product with a single 1/8″ jack:


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