PC Longplay [001] The Curse of Monkey Island

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Performed By: RickyC

2nd time uploaded as a result of the others appeared to have damaged someway. Made into one video too.

Not into the third and 4th within the collection. So i didnt know my method spherical the sport however i bought used to it
after awhile. The beginning im nonetheless getting used to controls 😮 I like the monkey pirate man and kenny!
Thought the story wasnt nearly as good because the second and blood island wasnt too attention-grabbing! however good step
up on the seems to be of the sport and cutscenes and music are good! As a result of i didnt know the sport im certain
i missed so much on this play, i used to be simply doing what i wanted to do to finish the sport.
THe audio skips every time i saved to take a break or principally as a result of i had no concept what to do. I didnt appear to chop it rigorously sufficient!


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