Instructable! Using an RTA to measure frequency response and as an Oscilloscope

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RTA software program can be utilized to exchange an oscilloscope and supply further performance for electrical indicators. This video explains the method of measuring amplified audio indicators. Observe that you have to know the enter voltage vary of your PC or machine working the software program. This video talks about decreasing the sign voltage to be used by the machine.

I used a David Navone Engineering LOC within the check as a result of it represents an attainable answer for the viewers. I spend time explaining what i am doing and why so the check is repeatable, I apologize for the size. Clipping harmonics are at 9:45.

UPDATE – as a observe as much as some feedback on the looks of the clipped output, I did check each the Alpine IVA-W200 proven and an Alpine DVA-9861 from the RCA outputs straight into the RTA program and USB interface in addition to the BK Precision scope within the background. Outcomes have been related even with out the LOC or crossover. I think the waveform form is usually because of slew price within the audio sign path.


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