3DS- How to transfer files to 3ds without removing sd card

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FTPD: http://viid.me/qtPsiZ
Winscp: http://viid.me/qtPszM

Helpful hyperlinks

helpful hyperlinks and movies:
3ds save supervisor: https://youtu.be/mdRejTI-afI
3ds FBI title supervisor: https://youtu.be/wEg4FrHpt-c
3ds Stream N3ds to laptop: https://youtu.be/qbIxT6r6Xdk
Copy recordsdata to and from 3ds: https://youtu.be/MzcC_FTcMvc
3ds freeshop: https://youtu.be/y53_6R7kJmE
3ds customized themes: https://youtu.be/vWivg_JnVqU

themes: http://viid.me/qtPmE1
Homebrew apps: http://viid.me/qtPnUb
FTPD: http://viid.me/qtPsiZ
Winscp: http://viid.me/qtPszM
3DS Freeshop: http://viid.me/qtvKl0
CTR-V: http://viid.me/qtbpOy
BootNTR: http://viid.me/qtbctU
FBI 3ds: http://viid.me/qtbaoo
JK Save supervisor: http://viid.me/qtbaLA

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